That’s What She Said

This section will feature quotes from women that I either find to inspire, to spark a sense of joy, determination or simply a good belly laugh.

“Making your home pretty is nice, but making it nourishing is holy. Sister, paint that chair or hang that mirror, sure, but for the love, don’t wait until everything is done before putting on a pot of chili and inviting new friends over for football. Your neighbor wants to belong far more than she wants to be impressed. Some of my favorite memories involve walking into a girlfriend’s messy house, stepping over the mountain of shoes in her entryway, accepting a glass of Pinot in a plastic Mardi Gras cup, and grabbing a knife to help chop carrots. It isn’t the picture-perfect feature wall that makes me want to come back; it is the friendship, the warmth, the easy welcome, the laughter.”

Jen Hatmaker, Of Mess and Moxie

“I may look sweet, and people call me cute, which is nice and often true as I focus on being kind, but underneath it all and every day I am a BEAST and I put in the work.”

Tyler Haney, Founder & CEO Outdoor Voices