In this awkward first day of school like introduction I’ll tell you a bit about me. I won’t do two truths and a lie because I always end up saying three ridiculously made up things then have to pretend that I am actually a descendant of Dolly Parton, and honestly that jig is hard to keep up. But what I will do is tell you three true things.

Firstly, I have never identified with anything more than the UNO Wildcard, because truthfully I’m a bit all over the place, but I like to think chaotic energy is a positive thing. Secondly, I’m an open book.  A book filled with a variety of genres, a miscellaneous sort of characters and naturally, an abundance of spelling errors, because who in their right mind could ever go through life without a few spelling errors, right? I mean a really open book, I don’t have a phone password and the cashier at my local CVS knows my birthday plans… not much to hide here. Thirdly, I’m here because I want to redefine the way women think about how they project themselves. That’s What She Said, as quoted by the Slang Dictionary is “a form of innuendo that takes innocent statements out of context and makes them sound lewd or sexual.” As women, it’s easy to be sexualized, I mean we’re freaking hot, sorry. But the point is, ‘What She Says’ shouldn’t have to be something that other people take out of context. What she says, what you say, should be shouted from the rooftops. As a bad-ass chick living in the world today, you should feel confident that the things you say matter and are of value. As someone who considers herself a story-teller, I want to share with you the things I’ve learned along the way that have helped me the gain confidence to say what I want to. Together, let’s make “That’s What She Said” a phrase you hear on Wall Street and not just in a dive bar somewhere off 42nd. 

Now I know, this is easier said than done and it’s easy to feel timid about speaking up in a board meeting when you disagree with your boss, or in an auto-body shop when they try to say your oil change actually requires you purchasing a new transmission (spoiler alert, it doesn’t), or even to your boyfriend when he really thinks that leaving the toilet seat up isn’t fucking annoying, because we love you, but stop that shit. 

Now my ladies, together from this day on, we shall have the confidence to think outside the box, speak up when it matters, and be our own damn trap queens because we can and we should.